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The New York Post first reported on the frenzy.Many of the commenters noted that the smell gets much stronger in warm temperatures, and it’s almost unbearable in the summer, in direct sunlight or even in the passenger sear of a heated SUV.A number of commenters were told that the smell would eventually go away, and even advised to put dryer sheets in their $10,000 bags to get rid of the smell. But many ended up having to send their bags back to Paris so that the company could replace them.This would be a big expense to the company, at thousands of dollars a pop. And it means customers would have to wait several months for a new bag to be made, after many waited a long time to receive them in the first place.Herms did not respond to requests for comment.Related: Behind Bugaboo, the coveted ‘it’ strollerIsraeli_Flava noted that she was sad to see this problem become “like an epidemic” but she was grateful for all the support and messages she received from other commenters.

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